Management processes and logics together with risk governance are the main vehicle for business models innovation

MACFIN Management Consultants believes that management processes and logics together with risk governance are the keys for business models innovation, independent from business size or economic sector (banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, firms).

MACFIN Management Consultants collaborates with clients in setting-up and developing risk management and risk governance systems, through high-level expertise on corporate governance, regulatory compliance and internal control framework.

MACFIN Management Consultants provides in-depth knowledge of standard framework of the best international practices, supervisory regulations concerning risk management/governance and capital allocation optimization.

MACFIN Management Consultants integrates the high-level expertise with a wide network of partners (experts in quantitative methodology analysis, GRC data processing solutions), in order to develop and implement ad-hoc risk-measurement techniques and risk management integrated solutions.

Risk Governance: risk governance systems and processes, risk reporting, limit systems and key risk indicator, RAF, risk policies and procedures; information architectures supporting decision-making and control procedures.

Financial Risk Measurement: management and control techniques, methodology and quantitative models for measuring financial risks (market, credit, liquidity), investment and real estate asset, private equity and venture capital.

Operational Risk Management: risk mapping, definition and implementation of operational risk management assessment system, loss data collection system and processing, GRC – Governance, Risk Management and Compliance solutions selection, functional analysis for development of oprisk management technological solutions.

Data Processing Risk: mapping and assessment of it risk in its different areas: strategic, management, operational and technological.

Capital Adequacy: internal capital adequacy assessment process, ORSA – Own risk and Solvency assessment.