Complete and integrated training services designed to promote real improvement on company’s competencies

Regulators are promoting with increasing frequency staff training as key factor in company’s regulatory compliance (e.g. L.D. 231/01, Anti Money Laundering, Privacy, etc.). MACFIN Group’s “tailor-made” approach to training foresees contents and procedures for all kinds of participants, for effective compliance to regulation requirements.

MACFIN Group offers methodological, technological and operational support during the entire training process:

- participants’ profiling and educational paths definition
- set-up of interactive/multimedia educational contents
- integration of in-person training (blended learning)

MACFIN Group provides an e-learning platform as-a-service modality:

- immediate access from any internet-connected PC
- initial activation with participants list and educational contents
- the use of MACFIN services allows focus on educational activities without worrying about technical and contents management


e-learningEducational contents

Multimedia contents are available through intuitive and effective navigation system software.

Learning is facilitated by exposition techniques always consistent with the related contents and by interactions that stimulate a better understanding


e-learning 2Participants interaction

The course forum allows for simple and quick communication with the participants.
Furthermore, it is possible to send automatic e-mail communications to participants who did not finish the course.


e-learning 3Reporting

Reporting functionality allows for verification and documentation of the participant’s progress at any time:
- lesson consultation
- examinations
- course conclusion

Access to Macfin Group e-learning platform


For a demonstration access, contact us at:    e-Learning