Generating stable value over time the implementation of corporate governance
Governance & Organization

MACFIN Management Consultants strongly believes that organizational structure and corporate governance are assets that can contribute concretely in generating value.

MACFIN Management Consultants provides advisory services in governance and organization models structuring. The services includes the set-up, revision and optimization of in-work flows through the combination of strategic expertise with a high quality integrated approach.

Corporate Governance: Charters revision, Committees regulation, Board assessments, markets and Authorities reporting.

Internal Governance and Organization: organizational structure analysis and revision, functions regulation, headcount, etc.

Process Engineering, Policies & Procedures: work flow and operating process mapping, analysis, optimization and formalization, company policies set-up and revision, organizational and operating procedures, organization and function charts, sector regulations.

Reporting and Information flows: Reporting system and information flow structure and set-up between Corporate governance bodies and departments.