Macfin Group provides compliance advisory services through a high-level integrated approach and innovative tools

MACFIN Management Consultants provides legislative and regulatory compliance advisory services (L.D. 231/2001, Bank of Italy, IVASS – Insurance Supervisory Authority, Anti-Money Laundering, Privacy, Italian Stock Exchange Code) by proposing a high-level integrated approach combined with innovative tools.

Processes and Functions set-up: methodological support to compliance processes and functions set-up, regulatory compliance, information flows, coordinated frameworks between functions and audit execution.

Regulatory Compliance Assessment: analysis, audit and support for the application and implementation of regulations applicable to Financial Institutions and Insurance industries (Governance, Control Systems and Risk Management, Remuneration Policies, Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process and ORSA – Own Risk and Solvency Assessment, MIFID – Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, statistic reporting, etc.

Anti-Money Laundering (L.D. 231/2007): assessment and audit for policy adherence, application (Risk assessment, organizational structures, Due diligence, Centralized Computer Archive, Suspicious Transactions Reporting).           

Privacy (L.D. 196/2003): assistance for regulatory requirements update and organizational criterion implementation to be adopted for data protection and storing.

Company administrative liability (L.D. 231/2001): support on the set-up and the adoption of Organization and Management models.

Investment protection provisions and financial markets discipline (L. 262/2005): set-up, analysis and review of internal procedures through operating support to the Chief Executive Officer, Compliance Officer or financial reporting Manager.

Authorities: support for Regulatory Compliance management (Bank of Italy and IVASS- Insurance Supervisory Authority), assistance on authorization procedures, advisory on audit results assessment and sanctioning procedures.

Italian Listed Company Corporate Governance Code: compliance assessment on Self-Regulatory Code or Corporate Governance Code, implementation, support for Committee set-up, processes and control functions/Risk management, advisory on Corporate Governance annual report preparation.