Square - Governance as a Service

Square is a platform-based service that provides support to business organizations in managing corporate governance, risks and compliance.

Visit the official Square page here.


MacSy – Non Performing Loans Due Diligence Tool

MACFIN Group and SYDEMA Srl have started a partnership for the development of MacSy, an IT solution aimed at supporting banks and investors in strategic choices and management of due diligence of large NPL portfolios, from a vendor & buy side perspective.

The partnership allows to enhance and consolidate the respective experiences in the NPL sector, integrating financial, industrial and software development skills.


REAL Risk - Real Estate Risk & Value Governance

MACFIN Group, in cooperation with SummaRisk and DB&B Consulting, has developed an integrated risk management and valuation service for real estate portfolios, which enables professional investors and real estate asset managers to steer strategy, manage risks and create value:

  • integrated current and “looking-forward” risk analysis for real estate assets and portfolios
  • user friendly stress test tools
  • enhanced reporting features
  • enhanced data quality on assets and portfolios

Visit the official site of REAL Risk here.
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QRE - Qualify Real Estate

The research group formed by MACFIN Group, Bologna University of Industrial Housing and Construction Interdepartmental Research Centre and Natisoft has developed an innovative methodology and information system for the assessment of real estate assets overall quality.

QRE has been created to support private and public entities, which own real estate assets, professional asset managers which are responsible for proprietary or third-party RE assets, processional servicer to asset chain operators in governing and managing real estate assets.

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Survey on Corporate Governance Code for Listed Companies

The research group formed by MACFIN Group and second Level University Master degree on Control System Governance and Auditing in Public and Private Entities at Roma Tre University Business related Studies Department has developed a research project which analyzes the level, receipt and implementation procedures for Companies listed in Italy with respect to the changes introduced in the listed companies Self-Governance Code concerning Internal Control System and Risk Management.

Click here to download the Discussion Paper on the research results.


Courses and Conventions

We participate in the development and investigation of technical-professional know-how on innovative topics of key interest.

MACFIN Group members participate in events and are teachers in primary University and private Research Institutions like MIP Milan Polytechnic Business School, SDA Bocconi School of Management, University of Roma Tre, University of Tuscia, Il Sole 24 Ore (Italian National Financial newspaper) Training, CEFOR – Pool of Italian Banks Training Centre, Banks of Lucca Training Centre, CINEAS Universities Consortium, IIR International Research Institute, ISB Lugano Banking Studies Centre, IPE – Educational activities Research Institute.