Sustainability framework adjustment and ESG factors integration

caso framework sostenibilità esg immobiliare

Real Estate SGR specialising in Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) with more than 10 billion AuM

The Client requested our support in order to verify the compliance of the actions undertaken with respect to the ESG regulations for the application of EU Regulation 2088 (“SFDR”) and to continue along the path of adaptation and consolidation of its sustainability framework.





the Asset Management Company in its path of integration of ESG factors


SFDR regulations and subsequent enactment of detailed technical standards


Identification of SFDR compliance impacts

and any gaps with respect to actions taken (processes, procedures and policies, methodologies and models for measuring sustainability risks)

Support to the ESG Management Function

in the management, coordination and implementation of activities for the consolidation of the sustainability framework (adaptation of core procedures, methodologies for the analysis and measurement of sustainability risks, detailed analysis and support in the identification of the strategic ESG positioning of the Asset Management Company and the FIAs)

Measurement of sustainability indicators

and in the elaboration of the first SFDR Reporting


SFDR classification

of products under management

Sustainability Framework

consolidation and adjustment


Drafting of the reports required according to the regulations for "green" products


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