Key Risk Indicator system digitalization for Italy's leading gaming operator

caso digitalizzazione kri gaming

First Italian operator in the gaming market authorised by the Customs and Monopolies Agency and largest player at European level

The Internal Audit & GRC Function required MACFIN’s support to setup the management and reporting system for its set of Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) using our IT solution.



processes of data collection, measurement, and indicator analysis through suitable risk assessment metrics

Make robust, replicable and scalable

the methodological approach and operational processes for managing risk indicators


Functional analysis

for customizing the IT solution according to the KRI management methodology adopted by the Company

Solution Customization

and implementation of custom reporting

Solution release

Initial data loading, usage training, and solution release

License and support

Usage license and annual technical support


Rationalization of the management framework

of risk indicators referring to different business areas (business and support)

Definition of evaluation metrics

suitable for proper assessment of risk profiles

Coordination and clear segregation

of duties among those involved

Improved quality and robustness of databases

to support risk monitoring and decision-making processes

Increased timeliness and effectiveness of reporting

to the governing bodies of the Company


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