Innovative solution for risk analysis in the real estate industry

caso analisi rischi real estate

Real Estate SGR with more than 5 billion Assets under Management

The SGR Management has requested Macfin’s support in order to strengthen the risk management framework through the adoption of a methodology, with more quantitative profiles, and an IT solution that would allow the optimization of risk reporting activities.




Review the risk analysis, measurement and management framework

with the implementation of a quantitative methodology based on the assessment of the impact of risk factors (e.g. vacancy, interest rates, real estate market, etc.) on the performance and return of the funds

Optimize reporting activity

through the use of a synthetic, effective and standardized format for all Real Estate Funds

Structuring data flows

inherent to the management of assets, accounting and planning of real estate funds to be used for risk analysis


Preliminary analysis

Of the characteristics of the assets and the risk profile of the real estate funds (e.g. core, core +, value added, opportunistic, etc.); inspection of the available databases for risk analysis (i.e. management reports, rent roll, business plan, etc.)

Design of the Methodological Model

for the analysis and measurement of risks related to real estate assets, Test on a sample of representative real estate funds of the different risk profiles, calibration of risk indicators and metrics in use

Elaboration of a Methodological Note

In functional macro-requirements cones of the risk analysis and measurement methodology, the data model used and the structure of reporting

Assistance in the implementation phase

of the IT solution to support the process of risk analysis and measurement (i.e. testing / testing by users, parameter setting, etc.).


Objectification of risk analysis and measurement

through the use of qualitative-quantitative techniques and indicators shared by the business structures (e.g. IRR, DSCR, etc.), of immediate and effective reading by the governing bodies and investors

Optimization of the risk management process

with the significant reduction of reporting production times and the mitigation of operational risks (e.g. calculation mistakes, reporting inconsistencies, etc.)

Standardization of the data model

used by the different structures, both business and control, for investment analysis and portfolio monitoring, avoiding the duplication of databases and the need to continuously settle inputs and measurement results


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