Data Governance and Data Quality Framework in an Insurance Group

Insurance group with more than one billion in premium income

The client requested MACFIN’s support for the design of a Data Governance and Data Quality Framework, compliant with the provisions of the IVASS Regulation no. 38/2018, its implementation starting with the Market Value Balance Sheet and S2 capital requirements processing processes and its gradual extension to the relevant processing flows (e.g. risk analysis and assessment processes, financial statement processing, etc.).



the new provisions on Data Governance and Data Quality introduced by IVASS Regulation no. 38/2018

Overcome findings

emerged in specific audit activities conducted on the data quality system

Optimize and strengthen

the data quality control system used within the uses included in the framework


the activity of the Data Quality Manager in coordinating the functions involved and simplify the operational activities related to the data quality assessment phase through the digitization of DG and DQ processes and the development of a Data Governance application


through dedicated reporting, top management's ability to assess data quality, identify areas for improvement and define related actions


Data Model mapping

of individual uses subject to the DG and DQ framework

Data Governance and Management System Design

of framework and quality control monitoring process; drafting of Data Governance Policy and Implementation Procedure

Definition of controls and Key Quality Indicators

on data and design of reporting system on outcomes of DQ controls and data quality assessment

Development of a Data Governance application

to support the processes of: collection of information on the outcomes of DQ controls carried out by the Owners, processing and analysis of this information, evaluation of data quality, production of DQ Reporting


Adoption of a DG and DQ Framework

compliant with regulatory requirements

Scalable implementation

with potential expansion to all processing streams that support relevant decision-making processes, risk analysis and assessment processes, and reporting and data transfer processes to Supervision

Support, by a Data Governance IT application

the information flows between the involved functions and the DQM and the operational activities of data quality assessment


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