Estimation analysis in view of an aggregation project

Two leading Italian groups in the polygraphic industry

In view of an aggregation project, two leading Italian groups in the polygraphic sector have requested Macfin’s support: to provide an estimation analysis to determine the relative values, i.e. the respective “weights” in the perspective of a possible aggregation.





on the basis of an agreed estimation process, of the amount of equity of the new entity ("Newco") to be assigned to the companies involved in the project


Setting up a Virtual Data Room

to accommodate documentation relevant to the analysis

Analysis of the financial statements

of the companies involved for the last three years and of the most recent interim accounts, as well as the Business Plan of the Newco

Choosing and sharing the estimation approach

deemed most appropriate based on the nature, objectives, and information available

Implementation of a calculation model

consistent with the chosen methodological approach


Evaluation of synergies

resulting from the aggregation project

Availability of shared information elements

for the assumption of strategic choices and the direction of the aggregation project


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