Digitalization of an ICT Risk Assessment framework and risk assessment

caso digitalizzazione ict risk assessment

Bank oriented towards Italian SMEs and private individuals through its network of agents and its digital channels

The Chief Risk Officer requested MACFIN’s support for the review and initial implementation of the ICT Risk Assessment framework, as well as the digitalization of the process through smart-app development.





the methodological approach and operational processes of ICT Risk Assessment


ICT risk evaluation and reporting processes through IT solutions


Construction of data models

and identification of functional requirements of customized and dedicated IT solutions for digital management of periodic ICT Risk Assessment campaigns


different smart-app interfaces to support workflows

Key User Acceptance Test

setting up and conducting Key User Acceptance Tests and validating releases in the production environment

Operational and management reporting

based on business intelligence software

Development of ICT Risk assessment checklists

for the several stakeholders involved in the process and entitled to make judgments in terms of - for example - adverse risk scenarios, cyber threats, and control safeguards

Identifying areas for improvement

defining the remediation plan and sharing them with the responsible departments of the Bank


Periodic ICT risk analysis

by collaborative ICT risk analysis processes (i.e. ICT, Business Owner, Compliance, CRO)

Data model management

of the information considered in the methodological approach (assets, risk scenarios, threats, controls)

Automated risk measurements

at the aggregate level and producing reporting on the outcome of the analyses conducted

Effective and timely reporting

to the Executive Management Team of the Bank


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